Innovation / Woodbourne Canada Office

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Woodbourne’s new head office, located at The Well in downtown Toronto, is not merely a workspace; it is an elegant convergence of design and functionality that elevates the employee experience. As an integral part of The Well’s urban tapestry, Woodbourne’s commitment to excellence is vividly manifested in every corner of its impressive headquarters.

Within The Well’s mixed-use community, a collaboration between esteemed developers RioCan REIT, Allied Properties REIT, and Woodbourne, there is a deliberate blend of residential, retail, and office spaces across seven meticulously crafted buildings. Among these, Woodbourne strategically chose the 33rd floor of tower G for its new Canadian corporate head office. Simultaneously embarking on a rebranding journey, Woodbourne enlisted the expertise of Figure3 to transform its workspace into a modern and dynamic environment, one that would perfectly align with the company’s refreshed identity.

Stepping into the new office environment is very much a sensory experience; gleaming white marble envelops visitors through the entry experience. At reception the visitor is met with warmth through the materiality and natural light that floods the space and offers an exquisite view of Toronto’s downtown core.

Designed to embody Woodbourne’s cultural essence and trusted reputation, the 9,500-square-foot space seamlessly blends refined details, linear elements, monochromatic layers, and rich accents. Custom rugs, mirroring the beauty of Lake Ontario, and a welcoming fireplace in the reception area add bespoke touches, creating an atmosphere of sophistication and timelessness.

Moving beyond reception, the open-concept workspace reveals a clean architectural palette that emulates the feeling of a private executive office. The workstations strategically move away from the standard height adjustable leg profiles to a more sleek approach. Power is hidden in the central storage system that is elevated off the ground to feel less like a workstation and more like custom case goods, creating non-intrusive separation and privacy for different teams.

The interior floor plate, thoughtfully arranged to maximize employee well-being, cleverly positions closed offices along the west side, while central open seating allows for uninterrupted panoramic views and an abundance of natural light.

The office space has an overall open and inviting atmosphere, with stunning artwork and live plants strategically placed to inject the space with colour and biophilia. These features all blend beautifully to emphasize Woodbourne’s commitment to prioritizing the well-being of their team.

/ Tamara Rooks, Creative Director, Workplace

The servery is central to Woodbourne’s collaborative culture, the place where the team gathers for internal conversations and celebrations. A large island with soft veining anchors the mostly neutral space, harmoniously balanced against the curved wood seating and sleek cabinetry. The lounge space, discreetly tucked away from the main hospitality area, provides a serene retreat framed by large windows that capture breathtaking views beyond.

Woodbourne’s new headquarters at The Well stands as a testament of stunning design and operational functionality. This thoughtfully crafted space within the heart of downtown Toronto not only reflects Woodbourne’s commitment to excellence but also serves as a pivotal component in The Well’s vibrant community.