Design / The Well. Woodbourne


In a city where residents enjoy a diverse selection of dining, shopping, and stunning living spaces, one singular development is set to capture the whole spectrum of urban living, and become a must-visit destination in itself. With high expectations and impeccable taste, Torontonians will be thoroughly satiated by everything The Well has to offer.

A transformational project unlike any before it, Toronto’s largest master-planned downtown community is a choreographed curation of the best in retail, dining, office and residential space; all seamlessly encompassed by an open-air promenade with a soaring glass canopy. Placed at the heart of this amenity-rich, 7.8 acre streetscape, The Residences at The Well affords the exclusive opportunity to live in the centre of it all.

A joint venture between some of the largest and most notable developers in Canada, RioCan REIT, Allied Properties REIT and Woodbourne, the revitalization of Wellington Street Promenade needed to embody Toronto’s energy and diversity, as well as deliver on the high standards set for this mixed-use endeavor. With a proven portfolio of elevated spaces, Figure3 was engaged to design the lobby, amenity spaces, and suites at three luxury purpose-built rental buildings within the development.

The Residences at The Well have been designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life.  Those who desire easy access to downtown destinations without compromising on style. Creating a timeless, high-end residential design is nothing new to the Figure3 team. However, it was essential to capture a level of sophistication and luxury never before seen in the rental market. “We intentionally deviated from many of the design principles that we often use in purpose-built rentals,” says Dominic De Freitas, Principal at Figure3. “Strategically, we knew this project needed to resonate with the target demographic on a different level.”

This exercise in elevation was met with one specific challenge: utilizing long-lasting materials that favour durability suited to a rental building, while simultaneously incorporating design details that would cater to residents with specific wants, and high expectations. Figure3 set about sourcing maintenance-free materials that would achieve the desired high-end look, while standing the test of time.

Marrying hotel-inspired finishes and luxurious details, Figure3 was inspired to curate a mix of sleek, modern finishes, met with traditional design elements, including natural woods, stone, clean lines, and beautiful, intricate detailing. In each of the lobby spaces, residents are met with an expansive marble reception desk with gold accents, illuminated by an intricate custom lighting fixture suspended overhead. Directly opposite this front desk vignette, an inviting marble surround fireplace is flanked by artful gold shelves. The final detail to harmonize the design can be found in the custom art piece hanging above each fireplace. Commissioned specifically for The Well, the colours utilized to create the pieces were chosen specifically to complement the warm palette of materials used in the lobby.

“When you’re designing for a VIP demographic
the design needs to flawlessly reflect their specific wants,
expectations, and requirements”
/ Dominic De Freitas

The subtle, yet thoughtful design decisions found in the lobby spaces are continued seamlessly throughout each element in order to further elevate this immense, one of a kind project. To achieve the distinct asks for potential residents, Figure3 focused on curating more intimate, concise moments, elevating the level of privacy, and removing any barriers to smoothly navigating around the interior spaces.

Rather than open-concept amenity rooms for residents to socialize, Figure3 opted for a more subtle presentation, allowing for activities and gatherings to feel more intimate and exclusive in nature. Located on the 16th floor of Tower A, the full-sized party room contains a working kitchen, dining area, and two distinct lounge areas, separated by a dual-sided marble fireplace. Designed to reflect the look and feel of a residential living room–complete with modern light fixtures, detailed moulding and a more neutral palette, residents will feel encouraged to welcome their guests into this more formal hosting space, while keeping their personal suites ultimately more private.

In the fitness and wellness centre, no corner was left untouched. Natural wood and detailed surrounds are found throughout the space, with full-sized mirrors bordered by bronze finishes. Each building contains its own private, bookable massage room, entirely enclosed to create a calming, spa-like experience. A large-scale graphic wall covering completes this space, with an abstract image depicting fluidity and movement.

When it comes to the suites, which are large in scale for rentals, there is no shortage of style expressed within the ideals of quiet luxury. Each kitchen features a seamless porcelain backsplash, highlighting the freestanding range hood, and heightened cabinetry for an elevated look and increased storage. Standard in each kitchen island is a wine fridge, with unique contemporary glass pendants overhead to light the space. In the bathroom, oversized countertops are complimented with deep vanity drawers and pendant lighting.

While it was no small feat to meet the high standards set for The Well, Figure3 rose to the challenge and delivered an innovative, impeccable design that will stand the test of time. By successfully exceeding every ask and overcoming every challenge, residents of The Well will certainly be able to say, and show, they have it all.