Culture / The F3 List – Husam

In addition to being a soccer fan, do you also play the sport?
Growing up, I played a lot of soccer, which carried through to my university years where I played goalie – a position that requires tremendous flexibility and impeccable reaction time. I see the goalie position as almost half of the team, they carry such a huge responsibility. I still play soccer today, in my town’s league – we’ve won 2 championships in the past!
Do you prefer to watch in person, or on TV?
There is nothing like the in-person stadium experience, where the entire team is there before you and you feel the energy and excitement of the crowd. The team strategy is also more apparent at a live event because you can see all the players – where on TV, you generally only see the player with the ball. I recently travelled to Barcelona and watched a live game – it was incredible
Explain the stadium experience,
for someone who has never been.

Everything about the stadium atmosphere creates an amplified experience – the lights, the crowd, the energy, and the players. You can even hear the sound of the soccer ball being kicked as you sit in the crowd; it’s a much more personal experience, and you feel like part of the team as you soak up all the excitement and emotion.
Is there a social aspect among soccer fans?
It’s a very social game, and I love watching soccer with other people. Fans gather from different places and backgrounds and get very passionate about their favourite team. It’s a great way to bond as you cheer together and of course discuss or debate the successes and the mistakes as you see them.
What’s a lesser-known thing you
love about soccer?

For me, it’s not always about who wins or loses that makes a game incredible; the skill and strategy of a game can really captivate. I also really love to hear the crowd chanting, and even their commentary and reactions as they experience the event; people get very emotional!
Do you have a favourite team?
The Germany national football team is definitely my favourite. They are very precise in their play. When you watch them, you can see that they have a strong game plan and carry it out as a team. Germany’s goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer (who is also team captain) is my favourite to watch.