Design / SXSW Condos


The way we experience life is deeply rooted in how our senses are ignited, and delighted. Everyday
luxuries that produce a subconscious smile can be attached back to simply how they make us feel.
Think of the first taste of a perfectly prepared meal, the smell of winter turning into spring, the feel of
your heartbeat on a quiet morning run. Everything about SXSW–the nature-adjacent location, the visual
design, the integration with the surrounding community–has been created to form an elevated and
unmatched sensory experience.

Located near a forested ravine in Vaughan, two gently undulating towers, referencing the form
of a rippling creek, stand rich in style. While designing the first and fourth floor amenities, suites, and
corridors of the 20 and 22 storey towers, Figure3 emphasized the connection to the natural
surroundings, incorporating biophilic elements and organic textures.

Through the main entrance, residents and guests are greeted with a breathtaking two-story reception
area, flooded with natural light courtesy of the double height windows. The rose-gold mirrored elements
found within are designed to reflect the abundance of natural light, brightening up every corner of the
lobby. The contemporary design is rooted in a timeless, neutral palette, creating a warm and inviting
space that embraces all.

Designed to mimic a grand hotel, organic textures like wood, stone, and marble are balanced with gold
accents to elevate and lend depth to the space. In the lobby, gold cladding is featured on the columns,
the reception desk, and reflected in bronzy mirrored accents. Biophilic elements are another recurring
accent throughout the Figure3 designed spaces, celebrating the park-like surroundings found just steps
outside, while adding another layer of satisfying organic texture. An expansive green feature wall can
be found behind the fluted reception desk. On the fourth floor, the sauna and fitness areas are
complimented with plants, with their doorways draped with elegant vined tendrils.

The expansive reception area opens to the adjacent amenity spaces. The ground floor is laid out in such
a way that energizes the building with a sense of community and gathering. Originally designed in 2017,
when coworking spaces weren’t quite as commonplace, Figure3 set SXSW ahead of the curve by
designing a space which offers flexibility in its function. The social room is outfitted with communal
tables, and a bar station including a sink, fridge, and icemaker. It’s here that residents can come to work,
meet with a friend, socialize with neighbours, or even host a small gathering.

When we were brought on to design SXSW, we knew immediately that we had to celebrate the projects lush green surroundings and pull that into the interior. We referenced some of the best resorts in the world, such as in Bali and Thailand, and found inspiration in how their natural surroundings flow seamlessly into their interior environments. We knew our buyers would want to have that same experience in their own backyard.”
/ Dominic De Freitas

The same organic textures and soft, neutral palette used in the lobby to welcome residents home are
carried throughout the suites on the fourth floor. Luxurious details, such as herringbone backsplashes
and quartz counters, are poised alongside soft colours to create a sleek yet soothing environment. Also
found on the fourth floor are the health and wellness amenities.

Emulating the same airy feeling of the lobby, the wellness area is a double-height space, containing
options indicative of a fully stocked fitness club. Cardio equipment and weights are spotlighted with
natural light, while in the spin and yoga rooms, the bikes can easily be folded away to allow for flexibility
of the space. With access to showers, the pool and a steam shower, residents can truly indulge in
resort-style living, without ever leaving their home.

Extensive terraces bridge the connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces. Equipped for
entertaining family or friends alike, hosting has never been easier than with access to the lounging
areas, pool, BBQ and outdoor dining tables. The SXSW community park rounds up the activities with
a basketball half-court, a playground, a bocce ball court, ping pong tables, and an abundance of walking
trails, creating a sense of being on vacation, everyday.