Innovation / Feel the Rhythm

A Vibrant Purpose-Built
Rental in Ottawa


A premium rental community that stands apart by providing striking contemporary design and exceptional modern amenities for a dynamic lifestyle. This cornerstone development is optimally located near some of Ottawa’s most vibrant neighborhoods and easily accessible to the downtown core.

RioCan approached Figure3 with a mission to create an elevated purpose-built rental community for a gen z and millennial demographic, the likes of which Ottawa had never experienced. The project brand had already been determined, giving the team a strong peak into the vision for this development and the energy and feeling they were going to capture in the space.

“At Figure3 we don’t have a signature look.
We deliver a curated, personalized, bespoke
design for every project by understanding
who we are designing for and the
neighborhood that the project is going into.”

/ Dominic De Freitas, Principal 

The design team began with a midtone monochromatic base, that created a timeless foundation. From there, they layered vibrant colours, textures, and patterns, inspired by pop art, and retro 60’s design that would appeal to this youthful demographic. The lobby space immediately conveys the tone of the project, with eye catching graphics, rose coloured accents and brights pops of colour integrated with the furniture selections. The essence of Rhythm is captured in the wave like ceiling detail that evokes a sense of movement.

“RioCan wanted to take advantage of the
flexibility afforded to amenities spaces within
the purpose-built rental sector, dedicating a
full floor to next level social environments.”

/ Megan Hayward, Senior Team Leader

Custom oversized wall graphic designed by Metro Wal Coverings and neon signage establishes a cohesive theme throughout the spaces, while creating unique and impactful visual interest, and the perfect backdrop for photo worthy social hangouts.

Thoughtfully laid out and housed in a premium location within the building, the amenity spaces enable social connection in an active environment. Stand out moments include the pre-drinking lounge, a revamped imagining of the classic party room, that provides residents the perfect place to start their evening out with friends.

Adjacent to this space are the arcade inspired games room, where you will find classic activities such as pool, and unexpected delights like the Shuffleboard court and custom built, oversized Scrabble board wall. This digital generation also needed a fun and flexible media lounge to accommodate everything from movie night to the big game or an all-hours video game marathon.

The amenity floor is complimented beautifully by the extensive outdoor living space, conceptualized by Figure3, with additional unique touches such as a bocce ball court oversized chess set and a cocktail courtyard space.

Figure3 has a deep understanding of the renter’s mindset, paying the upmost attention to functional details within the suites, that allow a tenant to envision themselves within the space. These touches such as under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen, and a custom designed vanity with a full-length mirror and integrated lighting are small touches that create maximum utility for the residents of Rhythm.

Rhythm sets a new standard for contemporary living in the Ottawa rental landscape. With a strong commitment to capturing the energy and essence of its target demographic, Figure3 designed a space that combines playful design elements with exceptional modern amenities, resulting in a dynamic and enticing place to call home.