F3 Talks / Featuring Eric Yorath + Bob Fox


Since the rise of Covid-19, leaders of brands and organizations are starting to question whether a physical office space is really necessary.

Eric Yorath of Figure3 and Bob Fox of Fox Architects and Work Design Magazine (both firms collaborators as part of the ONE Global Design network) come together in this episode to consider how a shift in the design discussion reflects a fundamental change in the role of workplace design. The conversation which used to start with “what do I need in a workplace?” has now shifted to “why do I need a workplace?” Industry leaders are having to redefine how they approach clients as we come out of this global pandemic.

The new norm for many is a “work from home” lifestyle or flexible work locations. It will be essential for companies to start thinking of reasons for their employees to return to work such as for training, socialisation and cultural purposes.

Leaders of companies should consider using their office as a tool to build their brand while offering an experience to those who enter it. Retail and hospitality are industries that are well versed in how to celebrate a space and a brand – it’s all about shaping that experience and building a powerful connection.

F3 Podcast
Featuring Eric Yorath + Bob Fox

One of the fundamental things is to make people feel safe. Leveraging expertise from other fields of study, such as Cognitive Psychology and other social sciences will be essential to better understand people’s relation to space that connect people to it and its use.

There’s an opportunity now to design an environment so that people coming into the office will be able to perform at their maximum while giving them the support they need. The environment is critical to an individual’s success and getting it right is mandatory for companies to succeed and grow.