Culture / The F3 List – Megan

Tell us about your first Axe throwing experience.
It was love at first throw. At the time my now partner invited me to join a league with him, and of course I said yes (who wouldn’t want to throw axes). He knew this was something right up my alley and after the first week I was hooked. It was such a unique experience and I have always enjoyed target sports (I was an archer in high school) and it just blossomed after that.
Are you part of a team, or prefer to throw solo?
So to be enrolled in axe league everything is solo. League is comprised of 8 weeks worth of throwing – 28 games in total. You play against one other person per game and play against everyone in your league at least once. Once the 28 games are finished, if you rank in the top 16 you go to playoffs. There are team games you can compete in during special events or after league throwing but it is mostly a solo sport.
What about axe throwing caught your interest?
Of course at the beginning it was all about the throwing but you quickly learn that the reason people stay for so long is the people. I have created so many amazing friendships over the time I have thrown and everyone is always there for one another, on and off the lanes. Of course people come and go (life always gets in the way) but still many years later we get together and check in with one another.
How often do you go?
Pre-pandemic I was going every Tuesday for roughly 7 seasons a year, and even on the off season (December) we would all get together on Tuesdays either at a bar or to do some kind of other activity.
Where is your favourite axe throwing space?
I have thrown in a couple different facilities for events (mostly BATL locations) but the location that I was at 7 years will always be my favourite (recently moved out of the city but will be visiting that location every time I am in the city on a Tuesday). It is the BATL Villiers location down on Cherry St.
Do you own your own custom axe?
Between my partner and myself we own around 12 axes. I use a 1¼ pound Collins axe (Home Hardware special) for day to day throwing as well as 2¼ "big axe" which is used to break ties in matches and playoffs. They have both been sanded down to remove any branding, with black tape on the end for grip, but we do own custom painted axes as well different styles. Lots of people get their axes custom wood burned or painted (very niche market). I also have an axe with a custom handle one of my league members made for me when my handle broke (happens all the time).