Leadership / Dominic De Freitas, Principal


Growing up, Dominic De Freitas, Figure3 Principal, was creative and artistic. A life changing presentation
on interior design and architecture as a profession, launched a 25-year career in design.

“At school you’re pushed into choosing either the creative or technical. I found that difficult.
I kept one hand in each of those worlds, it was my comfort zone,” he says.

Dominic credits an influential high school history teacher for jump starting his love of history and travel.
“Everything she taught was so inspiring, especially learning where the world came from in terms of
architecture and design. Of course, I wanted to go to these places and see them for myself.”

Beginning his travels in Paris, he was struck by how well designed the city was was and how Napoleon III’s
influence had influentially transformed it. This trip would be the first of many, and it ignited a desire
to learn about good design and why it was that way.

After traveling the world, fashion, history, and architecture continue to influence and inspire his work.
“Discovering something beautiful is one thing but learning how it got that way is really interesting to me.
And that is where history comes in. You keep asking those questions that take you further back in time.
I was just like a sponge, I wanted to know more.”

Since joining Figure3’s partnership in 2019, the award-winning interior designer has worked on
high-profile projects with prominent residential developers across North America.

Leading and mentoring a talented team of Figure3 designers, Dominic has curated a design atmosphere
which nods to the past and embraces the future. “Designing today in our modern world is all about
connecting humanity back to history.”

Dominic continues to motivate others through sharing his knowledge and experiences. “I’m often referred
to as the storyteller. I love translating an experience into a story. I want people to feel the essence of what
I felt in that moment. The only way to do that is to paint the picture and tell the story.” Creating a working
environment that encourages sharing, inspiration, and inquisitiveness has translated into celebrated,
award-winning spaces.

When I design, if it’s not a solution
to a problem, it’s pointless.”

Aiming for an essence of timeless fashion, Dominic and his team connect with clients to create purposeful
designs that strike the balance between beauty and function. “ I think it’s really important to listen. Design
can be beautiful but if it doesn’t solve a problem, it’s a wasted opportunity. “ He prides himself on creating
lasting connections with clients and truly partnering with them to ensure the optimal design outcome.
Listening and designing with mindful intention.

Being a convergent designer comes naturally for Dominic. His greatest achievement is being able to bring
ideas together and take people on a journey. “We need that connection. There is an energy you get when
you touch something, and it can really affect how you feel. The sensory aspect of design for me is critical.
When I see they are feeling what I felt, I know I did my job.”